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We aim to provide a first class service at the lowest price. Point Blank Dental was established in 2016 to supply unique products to dentists and mainly dental companies in Australia. Point Blank Dental started as a derivative company to Point Blank Medical (PBM), which itself was established back in 2012.

PBM’s roots are in Neurosurgery, Spine and Orthopaedic surgical solutions, with it’s expertise on bone biologics in the spine world. PBM started endeavors into dental and hence established Point Blank Dental or PBD through its biologic knowhow gained from PBM to service the needs of dentists.
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Zacks Khan

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Zacks Khan
Founding Director
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Zacks has a biomedical background with over 20 years experience in spinal and neuro theatres. Zacks was one of the pioneers in bringing spine hardware to Australia. He promoted spine hardware and supported surgical procedures in the late 1990s and early 2000s, which continues even today. Zacks was proudly amongst the first spine product managers in Australia. Zacks is now one of the founding directors of Point Blank Medical, performing a marketing and clinical sales directorship support role. Through this 20 plus years, he has been instrumental in identifying and introducing unique products and solutions to the surgical community in Australia. He is passionate about giving surgeons the very best tools and solutions to help their patients get the best outcomes.

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